Mechanical Music Through the Ages

A collection of Mechanical Music and Arcade Machines – highlighting examples of the development in mechanical entertainment over time.

Edisonic “Schubert” 1929 – (USA)

The Edisonic Diamond Disc was introduced in late 1928, a response to the expanded frequency range of the Orthophonic Victrolas and a final testament of Edison’s rebuff of the growing support for electric reproducers. There were two Edisonic models, the Beethoven and the Schubert. The cabinet of the Beethoven was larger, but both models employed the same size horn.

The New Standard reproducer represented the final and ultimate development of the Edison acoustic reproducer — a heavier weight was added, and some models made use of a spring type linkage. These reproducers are stamped NS with a serial number.

Production was limited, and was finally ended by the depression of 1929.