Mechanical Music Through the Ages

A collection of Mechanical Music and Arcade Machines – highlighting examples of the development in mechanical entertainment over time.

“Little Duke” Jackpot Vender 1932 – (USA)

The “Little Duke” was made by Jennings and was part of their “Royal Family” collection of machines. It was very popular among players in the 1930’s and has become a very collectible machine since. It was able to be made to use pennies, nickels or dimes, which heartened conservative gamblers and it was one of the cheaper machines for operators to procure. It had an interesting art deco design with three spinning reels that offered some life predictions even if you did not win any coins, plus a visible jackpot window, which sounded great when the jackpot fell into the collect tray. Gumball vendors could also be attached to this model, providing operators with another source of income.